We are primary school in the centre of Šiauliai - city in the northern part of Lithuania. There are 220 childrenn from six to eleven years in our school and 20 teachers work here. 




  • "Conflict resolution in primary schools in Europe" with  Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Latvia  and Great Britain
  • "Clasroom of dreams" with Ireland, Slovakia and Norway
  • "Children as researchers" with Turkey,  Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Latvia  and Great Britain
  • "Play and discover Europe" with  Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy
  • "Be active, stay healthy" with Estonia and Finland
  • "Tdivers" with  Siauliai university and Germany, Luxenburg, Iceland and Spain   

 Our school is part of international  "step by step" network and works according to  ISSA (international Step by step association )  PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY PEDAGOGY , were  focus areas are:

  •  Interactions
  •  Family and Community
  •  Inclusion, Diversity, and Values of Democracy
  •  Assessment and Planning
  •  Teaching Strategies
  •  Learning Environment 
  •  Professional Developement. 


    Teaching is based on themes here - we are erasing boundaries between subjects, we don't have traditional time periods for lessons and cooperative learning and self assessment are very important in our every day life. Common decisions, cooperation, trust , respect and common sense are the basic values of or school. How to achieve them in such a different society? We can discuss, share and try to do it together. 

.Our school works a lot in theme based education area, and the last thing we are doing - implementing robotics as part of curriculum in primary school. Now there is just beginning, but Lithuanian "academy of robotics" is making special lessons, based on primary school text books and we will have possibility to try them.  It would be big pleasure for us to invite international partners to try, how it works and of course, give you a pissibillity to see how children are doing it  in our school.. Internet platform and teachers' interactive books based on childrens' textbooks is interesting example of using ICT too .

 We can share activities about tolerance, stereotypes and diversity and experience in cooperative learning .

At this moment we are coordinating project "out of subject box" and ere partners in the project "freedom without chaos"ю We are happy to have nice hardworking partners from Greece, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands and Poland. 

    And from 2nd to 12th of March 2020 we will be hosts of  Erasmus + job shadowing activities for our friends from  Základní škola a Mateřská škola Klíč s.r.o. in Česka Lipa,  Chech Republic

 . Time is running, new ideas and projects are aproaching. It would be big pleasure to get any suggestions about cooperation and realtionships. We are open for any thoughts and ideas!